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MPS Background


We include here some background documents on MPS and its activities that the Society has produced from time to time.

  • An account* of the history and procedures of the Society by Philip Wolfe, written in the mid-1980s. First appeared in Optima.
  • A 1991 account* of the Fulkerson Prize awards, by Martin Grötschel.
  • The MPS brochure, written in 2000, is no longer available. A new one is in progress and will come up soon. For a hard copy of the old brochure, including pictures, please send a request to
*a new window will display the pdf

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Photos; Links to members' online photo albums

Bob Bixby, Rolf Möhring, and George Nemhauser at ISMP 2003, Copenhagen, Denmark. August, 2003.

More Pictures from the ISMP in Copenhagen.

David Shmoys, John Dennis, and Steve Wright at ISMP 2000, Atlanta, Georgia. August, 2000.
A peek at John Dennis' photo album
Sven Leyffer's page of Hill-climbing optimizers
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