Mathematical Programming Society  A. W. TUCKER PRIZE
 Call for nominations 2006

NOTE: The 2006 prize winners have been anounced, see citations.

The A. W. Tucker Prize will award an outstanding paper authored by a student. The paper can deal with any area of mathematical programming. All students, graduate or undergraduate, are eligible. Nominations of students who have not yet received the first university degree are welcome. The Awards Committee will screen the nominations and select at most three finalists. The finalists will be invited, but not required, to give oral presentations at a special session of the symposium. The Awards Committee will select the winner before the symposium and present the award prior to the conclusion of the symposium.

It may be original research, a particularly notable exposition or survey, a report on innovative computer routines and computing experiments, or a presentation of a new and ingenious application. The paper must be solely authored, and completed since 2003; note that a Ph.D. thesis qualifies. The paper and the work on which it is based should have been undertaken and completed in conjunction with a degree program.

Nominations must be made in writing to the Chairman of the Awards Committee by a faculty member at the institution where the nominee was studying for a degree when the paper was completed. Moreover, nominators should send one copy each of:

1) the student's paper; a separate summary of the paper's contributions, written by the nominee, and no more than two pages in length;
2) a brief biographical sketch of the nominee

to each of the four members of the Tucker Prize Committee:

Prof. S. Thomas McCormick (Chair)
Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2

Prof. Monique Laurent
CWI, Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
Kruislaan 413
NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Jong-Shi Pang
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York 12180-3590, USA

Prof. Rüdiger Schultz
Department of Mathematics
University of Duisburg-Essen Campus
Lotharstr. 65
D-47057 Duisburg, Germany

The Awards Committee may request additional information.

The deadline for nominations is February 1, 2006.

Nominations and the accompanying documentation must be written in a language acceptable to the Awards Committee. The winner will receive an award of $750 (U.S.) and a certificate. The other finalists will also receive certificates. The Society will also pay partial travel expenses for each finalist to attend the symposium. These reimbursements will be limited in accordance with the amount of endowment income available. A limit in the range from $500 to $750 (U.S.) is likely. The institutions from which the nominations originate will be encouraged to assist any nominee selected as a finalist with additional travel expense reimbursement.

Previous winners and further information about the Tucker Prize can be found at


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